Cayuga Lake out of Long Point 4/7


Guided Jamie and his son Brody for a full-day starting at 8:30 am.  The wind forecasts leading up to today varied, but the last one I saw was for north winds at 5 to 10 mph.  The AM started out calm, but by noon we were at 13 mph gusting to over 21 out of the north.  The bite was slow for much of the morning.  The good news is that baitfish schools were all over the place today and the alewives are moving in, big-time.  Expect some very hot fishing over the next month!  Midges were out, but not an issue on the water with the winds.

I ran the guys into shallower water after maybe two hours of somewhat slow fishing.  (I did hear that yesterday was tough.  These massive fronts can mess things up.)  We had some very good fishing in water around 100′ deep.  There weren’t a lot of fish around on the graph, but they were hitting well and we just drifted without paying much attention to the sonar.  We kept five lakers today (one for me and four for the guys) and the fish we took shallow were feeding on gobies.  That’s one great thing about Cayuga Lake – the fish have a couple different food sources.

As the day went on, our shallow bite dissipated and the deeper bite got going again.  The guys had a fine double-digit day with the top fish being a 32″er that Jamie landed.  A lot of fish were also dropped today.  Brody’s best was 30.5″.  One lamprey came up on a fish today.  Only one fish was wild.  Water level is at full summer pool – maybe even a little bit above it.  Surface temps ran from 40 to 42 today.  Water clarity was good out of Long Point.  Expect plenty of muddy water near Ithaca.

Brody with his best one of the day

Jamie's 32"