Cayuga Lake out of Long Point 7/21 midday


Wrapped up a four day run of trips with Steven and Gregg, who have a place on Seneca Lake. The guys couldn’t make it in the early AM so we wound up starting at 10:30.  Angling Zone friend/past client Dave was on the water this AM and told me that the bite had been pretty slow (certainly compared to yesterday) so I felt that the fishing might pick up later. I was cautiously optimistic.  We wound up having a good midday trip with a slow start then a slow but steady pick with a few moments of good action.  4 or 5 fish were landed today up to 27″ and we had three or four seemingly solid hookups come off near the boat. A few small salmon were also chasing the jigs up and down. Very few people were out today apart from a couple bass tournaments.  The guys grew up not far from where I did so it was nice catching up with what’s been going on “back home.”

I am hoping to launch the new website next week.  We shall see. It will read much better than this one on tablets and smartphones.  I will also be able to add photos to reports.  For fans of this site, I have also added a “search” function to the reports – so if you’re targeting pike and want to see some good times to go, or want to look up just about anything, it should be at your fingertips.  The graphics are much better and I am retaining just about everything from this site in terms of content.  Photos unfortunately will probably not transfer over, so I’ll just have to take a lot more shots this season and from here on in.  The overall site change is still a bit surprising to me but after some time I think it’ll become the new normal.  Anyone that knows me, knows that I’ve always been more into functionality than outward appearance.  I still have a flip-phone though I’m certainly not technology-shy, I just find smart phones distracting.  That being said, I’ll buy a smart phone if it helps with posting photos on my site.