Cayuga Lake out of Myers 7/28 AM


Back out of Myers today targeting lake trout – this time with Jim.  It was good seeing Jim as usual.  He booked his first trip with me on my first year, 2005.  Fishing was solid this morning for us, but not quite as hot as yesterday.  We found fish roughly in the same depths and a little deeper today.  As waters warm, the thermocline typically keeps moving deeper.  We had some solid fish today with lakers up to 31″ and a couple 29″ers. Two wild fish were in the mix – one had really spectacular fins.  All fish released today for what it’s worth.  Despite the cold, late spring, respectable numbers of fish seem to be in areas we’d usually be fishing late in August.  Plenty of bait abounds.  Late July through early September is generally beyond compare on Cayuga Lake!