Cayuga Lake out of Myers 8/15 + 16


August is turning out to be a very busy month for this guide.  Fishing is great and I don’t have to drive much or motor too far – what more could I ask for?  Might as well do more trips now than try to drum up the hardcore anglers for the awesome nearshore winter fishing we have here running from December through February!

8/15 AM: Guided Will for his third trip this week.  He comes through the area from down south looking for good pike action, but he really enjoys the lakers.  After landing that trophy brown on the 14th, who could blame him for wanting to come right back out?  He nabbed some solid lakers to 31″ and another brown around 10lbs.  A fair number of fish were missed and lost too as is usually the case with jigging.

8/16 AM:  Guided Greg for a 1/2 day starting around 6:45 am.  Greg nabbed a solid laker, nice salmon (that he didn’t care about netting) and a smaller salmon as well as two browns – both solid fish up to around 10lbs.  Action wasn’t hot and heavy but he fishes hard and it paid off.

8/16 PM:  Guided John who joined me with his dad last year around Labor Day.  He’s been doing very well jigging but had been dropping more fish than he wanted.  His buddies had been losing a fair number too, so I looked over his technique and figured out a few things that should help. After 15 years of guiding probably well over 1000 lake trout trips I have noticed quite a few things people do or don’t do that affect their outcomes.  I do a lot of two to three people trips and those can be telling. If one person isn’t getting fish and the others are, I usually tell them “the fish doesn’t know who is on the other end of the line.”  So it’s generally something they are doing or not.

John’s renting a place on the lake and we spent an hour and change going over some techniques I find effective on the lake for bass and pickerel.  He nabbed a few nice lakers on the day.