Cayuga Lake out of Myers 8/2


Guided back to back 1/2 days today starting with Greg at 6:30 am. Greg had a very solid day with the browns after a slow start.  He dropped a few and then managed to land 4 solid fish running from 24″ to 27″  in various areas.  He had me take a few drops with a jig and I managed a laker.   The bloom continues on Cayuga Lake although it isn’t too bad.

At 11:15 I met Tom, Mac and Jack at the launch and we set out for lakers.  The bite was slow for the first hour but then action picked up markedly.  They wound up with a dozen solid fish anchored by Jack’s massive 31.5″er that fought great.  Most ran 23″ to 26″.  Steady bite right until we called it a day.  People often ask me what’s better, an AM or PM 1/2 day.  It varies, but in August both can be excellent and sometimes the PM is better.  Today was one of those days.