Cayuga Lake out of Myers 8/3 + 8/4 AM


Did half days on Saturday and Sunday out of Myers Park.  We got underway at around 7:30 am on Saturday and just after 6:30 am on Sunday.  A lot of boats were out Saturday with Barney/Bear’s Hospice Benefit derby going on. Today was very quiet on the lake.

Saturday’s trip was with Tatyana, her husband Yuri and their friend’s son, Alan.  Fishing was slow to start during the first hour or two.  We had a hit or two and fish around us but they weren’t “eager beavers.”  We moved a few times and started getting into some fish.  We wound up with a nice catch of 7 solid lakers anchored by Yuri’s 28″ or 29″er.   Everyone caught fish and it was a fun and gorgeous day to be out on the water.

Today’s (Sunday’s) trip was with Chris, his brother in-law Kevin and Chris’s daughter Maya.  Today was a day of slow but steady fishing but nearly everytime we were going to move, someone would hook a fish.  Kevin ate a banana and I told him about the fishing boat superstition.  He then said “I’m going to prove it wrong!” and next drop he caught a nice laker!  Overall a fair number of fish were lost today – probably close to a 1/2 dozen.  It happens.  Maya had a gorgeous chrome silver plump rainbow just about to nab her jig right under the surface.  It had been hitting her on the retrieve. She set the hook but was perhaps a second too late – but what a fish!  Probably 7 or 8lbs, maybe more – it was hard to tell.  In the past we have taken rainbows on Cayuga Lake running 10 to 12lbs. Most of the ones we catch run 17″ to maybe 24″.  Chris nabbed a brown around 18″.  We also had 5 or 6 lake trout, mostly in the 24″ to 26″ range today. We tried a lot of areas.  Funny how a lot of these fish are from the same year classes – we fished both sides of the lake down and up and wind up with the same class of fish (the same fin-clips.)   Overall it was a tougher bite today with fish in a neutral to negative mood.

DEC still could use Owasco Lake cooperators.  If you fish the lake – even just a handful of times, your catch data can be very helpful in the management of the lake.  Call Region 7 fisheries at (607)753-3095.   I’m looking forward to fishing Owasco Lake late this summer and into the fall.  The lake has some mambo brown trout and smallmouth bass swimming around in it. Very solid perch fishery too.