Cayuga Lake out of Myers 8/3


Got out with Jon and his girlfriend Stephanie starting just after 6:30 am.  I’d first guided Jon when he was probably around 12 years old, fishing with his older brother and his father.  Now he’s 20 years old and his brother does fisheries research for the Feds.  It’s wild how fast time flies and it’s great to see youngsters growing up to become mature responsible adults.

After yesterday’s strong blow we had quite a bit of current in the lake.  Fleas were a bit more abundant than in recent past trips, but they still aren’t posing any issues for jiggers.  Water clarity really varied.  We had some clear areas while other parts of the lake showed 2′ to 3′ of visibility.  Boat traffic was nearly nil.  We literally saw maybe 4 other boats on the water all morning and most didn’t even appear to be fishing.

Stephanie is pretty new to fishing and her best fish prior to our trip was around a 12″ brown trout.  Today she managed a couple big lakers – a 29″ (if I remember right) and a 28″ along with a couple other fish.  Jon caught a 28″ as well along with some other fish too.  One non-laker was likely hooked for a little while and dropped by Jon.  All in all a great day on the water with ample sunshine, not too much heat, quiet conditions and solid fishing!  Can’t beat that!

Jon with a solid laker

Stephanie with a good fish