Cayuga Lake out of Myers 9/2


“When in doubt, go out!”  Guided Ron and his adult son and daughter Matt and Rachel for a full day starting at 7:30 am.  We had planned the trip a while back and they were adamant about going despite the doom and gloom “1/2 to 3/4 inch of rain possible” and thunderstorms/rain forecast.  It was a beautiful day apart from maybe 1/2 hour of light rain. Over the past few months nearly every major storm has missed the Ithaca/Finger Lakes region.

Fishing was good in the AM and slowed down considerably in the PM though we did take a couple fish after noon.  We had 11 lakers up to 28″ and one solid brown on the day.  One wild laker was in the mix. Matt had the hot hand today.  Surface temp is around 69.  Fish came from shallow for the brown to about 85′ to 125′ for the lakers.  The strong south winds yesterday set up a strong returning current, basically a seiche.  Then we had a good north wind today bringing in a lot of warmer water.  It was kind of crazy out there with the currents and wind – we couldn’t drift much despite a fairly strong north wind.  The boat basically stood still or went backwards due to the strong currents.