Cayuga Lake out of Myers Park 4/25 PM


Went out of Myers for the first time in a good month or more.   I got my 2013 Crestliner back from Silver Lake Marine and wanted to see how everything was running.  My alarm issue appears to be resolved.  My impeller fins got slightly warped after my low water incident at Long Point a couple months ago.  It was still pumping water, but I think the fins were collapsing a bit more than usual (they flex when the motor is running at high RPMs) and it enabled the motor to get hotter than it should have, thus triggering the overheat alarm.  All is well now.  I had to learn the hard way, that using the trolling motor is the way to enter and exit Long Point’s harbor when the lake is low and full of dead leaves and other debris.

I had an idea of where I wanted to fish today, but the north winds convinced me to fish other areas!   The lake was rougher than what I wanted in order to fly-fish, which is mostly what I did today.  I wound up fishing an area with clear water and colder water temps than the places I initially wanted to fish.  I also worked a tube jig.  My fishing started out very slow for the first two hours with no signs of fish.  I eventually hooked and landed a 18″ to 19″ stocked rainbow trout, which I kept for dinner.  It had already spawned.  I dropped another fish that was likely some sort of silver fish.  A friend of mine was out and hooked a couple of salmon fly-fishing and landed one around 20″ or 21″.   As the winds diminished, I was able to work some warmer water areas.  I had a lot of quick stops from freshly stocked dinks on the fly, but no solid hookups.  Water level is full-pool.  Water temps range from around 41 to 46.  Last night was cold (27 degrees) and tonight will be more of the same.  A few warm days will get the bite going better here.