Cayuga Lake out of Myers Park 8/30 + 31 midday


Guided the past two days with Skip and various friends of his.   Fishing ran hot and lukewarm over the course of each day.  But on both days Skip and his friends caught all the fish they wanted.

8/30 AM:  Started at around 9:30 am with Skip, Aden and Aden’s son Justin.  Very few boats were on the water – we more or less had the lake to ourselves.  The bite started off strong, slowed down then picked up near the end of our trip around 1 pm.  The guys left with a full cooler full of lake trout to can and process for good eating throughout the winter.  Fish ran to 31″ long – and I think young Justin actually caught the big one.

Skip has pulled copper (aka copperline trolling) for years on Seneca Lake and more recently Keuka Lake.  He has some good midlake areas on Seneca Lake and informed me that he has had good fishing there throughout the years including this year.  The fish aren’t the size we catch on Cayuga but he said the fishing there has been very good.  Lampreys were bad a year or two ago, but he still caught a lot of fish.  Interesting!

Water levels are gradually coming down and the water clarity is good.

8/31 AM:  Today we started right at 9 am.  My crew was Skip, Samuel and Samuel’s son Rufus.  Skip brought a larger cooler today.   We got a fish or two right off the bat and like yesterday, the bite slowed down.  It picked up an hour or so before we quit and the guys were able to get all the fish they wanted.  Fish today ran to 31″ as well and we had a couple older wild fish in the mix.  Hard to believe that tomorrow is September 1st!  The fish are looking great – big, fat and healthy.  Very few signs of lamprey activity on them.  Samuel also had a follow and some short hits from a decent rainbow today.

What's for dinner Mrs. Lake trout?

Skip just texted me this photo!   Looks like the lakers are eating a bunch of gobies along with the abundant alewives!