Cayuga Lake out of Myers Park 8/30 am


The first real cool weather of the late summer season blew in last night.  In Lansing we had a power outage for a few hours due to heavy winds.   Winds were blowing good this morning when I motored from Myers Park and swung into Taughannock Park to pick up Mike and his friend Paul at around 7 am.  As I pulled in, at least two boats pulled OFF the lake behind me.   There was a good chop out there due to north west and west northwest winds that were hovering around the 10 to 12 mph mark.

We headed out and fished an area that offered us an escape from the heavy winds.  Fishing was tough to start with Mike having one hit and that was about it for the first hour.  Just as I was getting ready to try another area, Mike hooked up and landed a solid laker.  We decided to stick with our program and a few other hits were had but not much.  We had to contend with a little summer squall that decided to sit on us for around 20 minutes.  Rain and heavy wind surrounded by clear skies – what I like to call “the Charlie Brown cloud.”   After that subsided the lake calmed down a little and I was able to get the guys to some better areas.  Paul nabbed a nice laker and then Mike lost a real solid in deep water.  Just as we got ready to leave, Mike caught another good fish.  So we wound up with three lakers for the morning and two nice ones dropped.  Given the conditions we had I was pleased with the outcome.  Most people stayed home or left early.  Funny, we had a dismal weather forecast for yesterday and my client and I decided to cancel the trip Friday.  We never had a drop of rain until late in the afternoon.  That scenario happens more often than not!

Labor Day Weekend remains open for trips!   I have Saturday, Sunday and Monday wide-open.  After that, I may be able to squeeze in a couple PM 1/2 days.

October is booking up steadily.  Some dates remain open then we’re on to November.