Cayuga Lake out of Myers Park 8/31


Guided Leo and Ada from Sunday again, along with their friend Viktor.  We got underway at around 8:15 am.  They were on a catch ’em and eat ’em mission and all the stars (maybe it was the moon!) were aligned.  Fishing was excellent and we had our three-person limit in 3.5 hours.  We did some catch and release fishing for a couple of hours afterwards and finished up the day with a triple, which wound up being a big mess of tangled lines.  I had to hand-line two of the three trout in.  Two rainbows were part of our catch on the day and others were around.  Best one was 25″ and wild.  I did a few drops while the crew had lunch and actually pulled my jig away from a beautifully striped bow around 22″ or so.

Excellent day overall and perfect weather.  Very few boats were out.  Surface temps were 70.  I will be taking a two-day “vacation” and then I am out again Sunday.  Looks like air temps are heading up again from Sunday through Wednesday.

I forgot to mention in my last report on Owasco Lake that we did see a lot of green particulates in the water.  Owasco Lake may be heading for a major algae bloom shortly.  We’ll see what happens.

Viktor trying to hold this rainbow for a photo! And yes, this was a kept fish