Cayuga Lake out of Myers Park 9/21 AM


Met Joe and his friends Jim and Alvin just before 8 am and we were underway shortly after.  The weather has been superb lately with crisp, cool (if not downright cold) mornings, gradually changing to warm, sunny days.  The lake temperature on the surface is hovering around 69/70 degrees.  Weedmats are still abundant;  waterfleas are gone.

We had very good fishing today.  Jim kicked us off with a 24″ hatchery rainbow on his first drop of the jig.  After that, it was mostly a laker-fest, featuring large fish running 27″ to 30″.  Later in the morning, a few 24″ to 25″ fish made it into my net.  We had a solid-double-digit day with probably another dozen fish dropped as well, including a few that were seconds away from netting range.  Very few boats were out on the water today.  Leaves are just starting to change – expect colors to really start to show themselves in the next 10 days with lows forecasted in the 40s and highs in the 60s to near 70.  Black, Alewife and Chartreuse were our best colors today.  We also had fish on a Smelt colored Lunker City Swim-fish.

Kicking things off with a nice rainbow!

Joe with a nice lake trout

Alvin with one

Jim with another fish - this time a lake trout

Joe with another