Cayuga Lake out of Myers Park 9/22 AM


Guided Greg for a 1/2-day trip starting at 8 am.  He was looking for some good-sized lake trout to smoke, so that’s what we went after.  We tried to get some 27″+ lakers a couple of weeks ago but didn’t have luck on bigger fish.  Lately I’ve been around some large lake trout, so we made a run to the “big-fish area.”  The bite was excellent for the first two hours.  Greg got into the double-digits and landed a 32″, 31″ and a 29.5″ along with some smaller (mainly 25″ to 27″) fish.  No rainbows today.  After our bite slowed, we headed to a couple favorite areas for brown trout but did not have any hook-ups.

Greg with a 31" and 29.5"

Same fish but Greg's rocking a Halloween Mask!

32" Mambo!

Friends did well in around 65′ to 70’+.  We got ours mostly around 110′ to 130′.  Darker colors and baitfish patterns seemed best.  We’ve also done fairly well with Chartreuse Silk.  Water temps are dropping fairly rapidly as might be expected with the cool days and cold nights.  We had 68 degrees on the surface.