Cayuga Lake out of Myers Park 9/3, 9/4


Lake trout jigging has been excellent over the past week on Cayuga Lake and the past two days were no exception.  The bite was good on both days first thing in the morning and then continued throughout the day with a minor lull here and there.  Fish are putting on the “feedbag” and eggs/milt sacks are well-developed.  Lake trout have also been fighting exceptionally well.  Fish have been running from 18″ to over 30″ with most in the 24″ to 27″ range.  Lamprey wounding is light, if existent at all.  Plenty of rainbows have also been chasing jigs right up to the surface.

Boat traffic was lighter than I anticipated yesterday (on Sunday.)  Today the traffic ramped up a bit, but was still reasonably sedate for a hot Labor Day weekend.

9/3:  Guided Dave and his wife Karen for just under a full-day starting just after 7 am.  The bite this AM was excellent and continued throughout the entire day with maybe a one-hour lull around noontime.  Dave was hoping Karen would land 5 fish including a rainbow, and she did.  Dave had the hot-hand landing lakers today and he also nabbed a nice rainbow around 22″ which I ended up keeping, along with a small laker that was damaged by a hook.  We had a very solid double-digit day.  Fish really fought great – often taking off for deeper water once we got them up to the leader.

Dave hooked up

Dave with a solid rainbow, standing alongside Karen

One of Karen's nicer fish

Karen's wild rainbow that we released

9/4:  Today I guided Florian, whom I hadn’t seen in a few years.  He currently works for Meta and had a cool pair of sunglasses that had a voice-activated video camera built within them.  The quality apparently isn’t quite up to a G0-Pro yet, but this is very cool piece of technology.  He had a very solid double-digit day today.  He had 5 lakers in the 28″ to 30″ + range.  We had a 22″ wild laker.  I’m definitely seeing a class of wild lakers in this size-range, unless it was a batch of fish that weren’t clipped for some reason.

I was hoping to get him into a rainbow or two today.  We had a lot of hits from what were likely rainbows, but no solid hook-ups.  Lakers fought great again today!  Dark colors worked very well, but we also took some fish on the standard albino/chartreuse tail as well.

Florian on!

Florian trying to get this fish under control for a photo!