Cayuga Lake out of Myers Park


Did a 1/2 day AM trip today with George, his son George Jr. and his other son Andrew.  We’ve had a lot of fun on the lake over the past couple years and today was no exception.  The high water and murk from the rainstorms of 8/18 – 19 are still having an impact on the lake and its fishing.  Usually late August provides some of the best fishing of the year – it is good now, but not what I’ve come to expect over the past 18 years.  That being said, we had a good morning with the guys landing a couple 29″ lakers, a couple at 27″ and one at 23″ .  The fog/haze/cloud cover we experienced during the morning likely slowed the bite.  The guys did have a lot of hits and even a follow or two from what was likely a rainbow.

The guys have a place on Keuka Lake and do a lot of sailing and some fishing.  When I talk about morning “thermals”-  that is a term I learned from George back around 8 or 9 years ago.   George Jr. actually caught a small walleye on Keuka Lake a couple months ago.  Idiot anglers continue to disrupt fisheries with their “stocking.”   DEC had a few walleyes come up in nets a couple years ago over there.  As an additional note, some alewives are being reported there – they keep coming back and lake trout are apparently in better condition this year than they had been.  We’ll see what happens in Keuka Lake.  Rainbow trout fishing has been better there lately than in a long time according to what George has heard.

Laker on board

George with a nice fish

Andrew with a solid!