Cayuga Lake out of Myers Town Park 10/19 midday


Guided a half day with Zach and his son Kieran starting just after 10 am.  We had air temps bottom out around 27 degrees last night – it’s by far the coldest night we’ve experienced thus far this fall. Water temps on Cayuga Lake are starting to hit the 50s.  I had around 57/58 today on top.  Laker friendly temps vary greatly from area to area.  In some areas you’ll want to be down 120′, in others it’s around 75′.

Fishing today ranged from fair to good.  We had moments of good action and some lulls.   Nearly every place we fished (and we hit a lot of areas from Myers north to Kidders) had lakers around.  In our first area Zach hooked up first drop.  Kieran did the same in our second area.  Overall we wound up with 5 solid lakers.  A few hits were had by small salmon.  Kieran kept me cracking up during the whole trip – he is a very funny young man!  Fish continue to look great and we had a variety of classes of lakers.  Some still appear to be pre-spawn.

I have next Sunday still open.  That’s it for October.  Most Fridays in November are booked and a couple Thursdays are also booked.  Sundays are open and I have a fair number of other weekdays left.

Here’s what to expect in November and onwards:

Cayuga Lake:  Expect good to excellent nearshore shallow casting for lakers up to 30″+ with bonus browns, salmon and rainbows.  Pike and bass action should be fair to good.  Pickerel action is usually outstanding.

Seneca Lake is usually tops for good to excellent pike fishing with plenty of pike in the 30″ range.  I also expect good salmon action there.

Skaneateles is tough to beat for November mixed bag action – rainbows, lakers, jumbo perch and big smallmouths.  I’m sure we’ll see some walleyes too.

Owasco is great for lakers, big smallmouth bass and pike along with bonus rainbows.