Cayuga Lake out of Myers Town Park 9/29


Guided Sam and Barham for a full day.  I picked them up at Taughannock via boat and we headed up the lake.  We were probably fishing by 8:30 am.  The bite was probably the toughest I’ve seen thus far this season – and it has been a great season as anyone that’s fished Cayuga would attest to.  It was the first time the guys had done the technique. Sam had the hot hand early with a few hookups and a couple landed fish in short order.  Barham (aka Barry) nabbed one early as well and a couple were dropped.  Later in the day Barham got a nice 28″+ fish before we quit.  Had a total of 5 lakers if my memory serves me correctly.  Had a lot of fun with these guys on the water.  Meeting people is the best part of my job.  The weather was gorgeous and very few fishermen were out on the water.  The 28″ fish Barry caught came from over 150′ of water.  There is a lot of mid-50s degree water out there.

Here’s Sam with a nice laker:


Here’s Barham with a beauty:



October remains largely open for trips.  I expect good to excellent pike and pickerel fishing throughout the month on Seneca and Cayuga respectively as well as fair to good lake trout action on Cayuga and Owasco Lakes.  Skaneateles Lake should fish very well for bass and bonus perch.  We should encounter a few rainbows there towards the end of the month along with some lakers.

As an added note, Barham snagged a floating piece of what appeared to be hydrilla out on Cayuga. The stuff is drifting around out there unfortunately.  Here’s a close up of what it looks like that I got online:



It’s a noxious weed commonly found down south.  The longer we can keep it out of the Fingerlakes the better.