Cayuga Lake out of Union Springs 8/1


Got out with my buddy Terry for some bass fishing.  It’s the first time this summer we’ve hit the northern portions of the lake, which means we had to cover a lot of water to see what was going on with the bloom and with weedgrowth.  There are seasonal areas that bass seem to use year after year here but they do tend to vary depending on those previously mentioned factors.

We had tough fishing for much of the day.  We landed a few pickerel and in an area we found last year Terry nabbed a nice largemouth around 2.5lbs on a Superfluke.  After a bit of running around and some unproductive casting we settled into a favorite area and started getting into some fish – mainly pickerel.  However Terry set into a good fish and after it surfaced we knew he had a whopper.  I slid the net under a pig of a largemouth – a 21″ fat fish that had to be around the 6lb mark.  If it wasn’t 6, it was darn close.  Despite the good conditions at that point in the day we wrapped things up – we each have busy work weekends.

Cayuga tends to fish great in August for both salmonids and bass.  I’m sure we’ll be back here fairly soon after Terry’s memorable catch.  Surface temps were 80 to 81.  Weeds remain predominantly various pondweeds and some milfoil.  Not seeing any coontail beds yet.