Cayuga Lake out of Union Springs 8/5


Fished with Terry from 8:30 am til about 2:15 pm.  I was chomping at the bit to get back out here and build on what we found last Thursday.  I have plenty of waypoints on this lake that have produced good bass in the past and we put some to good use.  We focused on the “tried and true” and tried to expand on our areas as well as work on some different patterns.  Had some very solid fishing today on bass and pickerel.  In short order we were into pickerel and I nabbed the first bass.  My next bass was a 20.5″er that was probably in the upper 4lb range.  It kept getting better after that with Terry catching some good fish as well.  On the day we encountered a couple groups of fish.  By the end of the day we’d landed around a dozen bass with around 3 fish in the 4lbs+ range.  We had a few 15″ to 16″ chunks and a handful of 13″ers.

Pickerel action was maybe too good today and we both had our share of bite-offs, losing some nice baits in the process.  Next time I’ll be adding a little TyGer wire to the mix – largemouths don’t seem to mind it and I can save some lures.  But we hooked around 20 or more pickerel today up to 23″.  Hard hits and good fights.

Water was fairly clear in the north end of the lake.  Hopefully the rest of the lake will clear soon. I expect it to with the cool nights in the forecast.  Crankbaits, swimbaits, creature baits and plastic worms (straight worms, not Senkos) did the trick for us today.  I LOVE Cayuga Lake bass fishing when it is on!  Tough to beat it. This steady weather makes for top-notch bass fishing.