Keuka Lake 4/9


Guided Mark I. here for a full-day.  Conditions weren’t going to be ideal for what we wanted to do, which was fly-fishing for lake trout, but this was the best day for Mark to go.  The lake is currently high and surface temperatures ranged from around 42 to almost 45 degrees today.  There are some areas of green, slightly cloudy water, but the overall condition of the lake is clear.

Mark fished with me once last year out here and nabbed one laker on the fly along with some good fish jigging.  Today we mixed it up.  Within 10 minutes, he’d landed a 20″ laker on the fly and missed/lost one or two more.  We did some fishing with bladebaits and tube jigs and Mark landed a couple more on the blades and then hooked some fish vertically jigging.  As the day progressed, our conditions got good again for fly-fishing and Mark had some terrific action.  There were times when he had hookups on consecutive casts along with plenty of follows and hits.  He finished the day with 4 nice lakers caught on the fly-rod and 4 caught on gear.  Another half-dozen or more fish were dropped or hits missed.  These smaller Keuka Lake fish can be challenging to hook and land.  A handful of other boaters were out fishing today.

Hooked up on the fly-rod!


Yet another...

I didn’t take any fish photos today.  All were typical Keuka Lake fish averaging 19″ to 21″.   Mark had one pickerel take a swipe for his fly on his last cast of the day.  This fishing is firing on all cylinders now, and with more wind, it should be considerably hotter!