Keuka Lake out of Keuka Lake State Park 9/18 AM


Guided Pete here for a 1/2-day trip starting at around 8:15 am.  Surprisingly, when we showed up at the launch, we were the only ones there.  On the whole day, only one other boat launched out of the State Park, which is unusual for a nice September day.  Pete’s investigating some of the Finger Lakes in hope of buying a place on one of the lakes.  We were going to check Keuka or Seneca today but went with Keuka.

We spend the morning targeting lake trout.  Everything got off to a promising start when Pete nabbed a nice 22″er not far from the launch.  We kept working adjacent areas but couldn’t connect with anything.  We checked out one other area on the way south without hits, although he had a few half-hearted follows on his jigs.  The Bluff has fair numbers of fish scattered throughout the flats.  Pete had maybe a half-dozen fish encounters – i.e., momentary grabs, but no solid hookups. Unfortunately, that’s the way the day played out – we couldn’t connect with another fish despite doing a lot of changing up of lures, areas, depths and so forth.  Just as we were getting ready to wrap up, we got hammered by a heavy downpour!  That’ll teach me not to double-check the weather forecast!  It was still a fun day, with mostly beautiful conditions despite the slow catching.

We did see quite a few algae particulates down by the Bluff.  Not sure if we’ll see a full algae bloom, or if what we saw was the extent of it.

Pete's Keuka Lake lake trout