Otisco Lake 11/10


Guided Greg for a 6 hour trip here targeting tiger muskies starting just after 7:30 am.  The lake is high but water clarity is pretty good in most areas.  Water temp was in the low 50s (my old console Lowrance wasn’t giving me a temp reading today, but my front unit, which tends to be off a bit was.)  Greg really wants to catch a big tiger – something over 40″.   I can’t dial 1-800-Big-Tygr and magically come up with a fish like that, but we are going to give it a couple trips and see what happens.   Last year he landed a 39″er in short order – we got lucky!   Conditions weren’t bad and Greg wound up landing three fish – a 27″, 29″ and 20″.  He had a hit from another small one that he pulled his lure away from.  We also saw one other one.  Quite a few carp were jumping around as usual.  Only a couple other boats were out today.  We pulled back into the state ramp only to find the docks had been pulled out, so I beached my boat and power loaded.  Expect the Skaneateles state launch docks to be out as well.  All temporary dock fixtures will probably be pulled this week or soon thereafter if they haven’t been already.  It’s never a bad idea to have boots or waders along this time of year.

The crazy warm/cold weather pattern continues this week with more wind and then rain on the way.  Cayuga Lake remains at a minor flood stage.   I have been rescheduling a few trips due to the forecasts, depending on what people want, e.g. we would need different conditions for a fly-fishing trip versus a spinning trip and so forth.

Open dates this month are November 25th – 28th. 

December is still wide-open.  I’m happy to pencil in dates but the weather is often pretty unsettled then.  It’s usually better to wait for a forecast then pick a day.