Otisco Lake 9/25


Got out here with my buddy Mike on his Lund for a long day starting at 7 am and winding down around 5:30 or 6 pm. I think it’s been a couple years since I was out here, though I’ve wanted to fish it.  The last time I guided here (for Tiger Muskies) was probably four years ago.  The lake level looked good and the clarity was also good.  Boat traffic was light.  We had maybe four other boats out fishing in the morning and a couple around later in the day.

By the way – the word is that the new State Launch will be done by year’s end.  Thus far no visible work has been started on it yet.

Our target was bass today.  The conditions were fair.  Fishing was fairly slow though we managed to chip together a decent day.  Mike doesn’t fish here a lot but has targeted bass here a lot more than I have.  I used to fish here for Tiger Muskies.  Occasionally I’d do some bass fishing but not much. It makes a lot of sense to fish here for bass – you’ll catch Tigers anyways!

Mike had some solid areas and patterns to work. We each caught a Tiger Musky early on – Mike nabbed a 25″er on a jig and I had a 28″er on a swimbait.  Seven solid largemouths made it to the boat.  Fish ran to 19″.  Mike caught all of those.  The largemouths pretty much avoided my presentations today though I almost had one or two.  My swimbaits did entice a couple hard fighting smallmouths including one around 18 1/2″ if I remember right.  We guessed it was probably 3+3/4lbs.  I ran a short leader of 15lb Tyger Wire in front of one of my swimbaits incase I hooked a Tiger.  I like to land the toothy critters I hook and it did pay off.  Baits that produced for us today included stickworms, swimbaits, jigs (bass style) and craws (plastics.)   It was a fun day and really felt good working a lot of water all around the lake both deep and shallow.