Owasco Lake 6/24 AM


Guided Derrick and his 13-year-old son Aaron today starting just after 7 am.  They had never fished Owasco Lake before and I suggested that we give it a try.  We had a pretty solid morning out there.  The guys wound up with four solid lake trout – three of which were 27.5″, full-bodied fish, the other was around 24″.   Derrick also landed a small, very nicely colored brown trout.   Aaron had what appeared to be a real nice rainbow trout follow up his jig today.  I didn’t see it, but Derrick said it was clearly larger than the first lake trout we had today (a 27″er!)  That bow would have really made the day!  Overall, the water looked great, the fishing pressure was light, and my fish-finder screens were very impressive.  The bite was a little bit off today – had the fish been hitting better, it would have been a banner day -the fish and bait were there.

Aaron holding a 27.5" beauty! This was his first time holding a wriggling lake trout.

Aaron holding another fish - once you know how to hold them, it's much easier!