Owasco Lake 7/15 AM


Guided Eric and his son Ehrin, who both were out with me on this lake late last July, along with AJ, Eric’s other son.  We started at 6:30 am with a full moon and sunny conditions.  Overall we had a great morning of solid laker jigging for fish running from 19″ to 29 1/2″ long.  Fish fought great today for the most part.  We just managed to hit the double-digits number-wise.  Ehrin came close to hooking a few rainbows.   Lake conditions are excellent – clear with a good water level.  Boat traffic this week on both Owasco and Cayuga Lakes has been slow.  Fish came on a variety of colors – white, chartreuse, black and alewife (Lunker City baits.)  70′ to 90′ of water was best.

Big Laker for Ehrin!

The Battle! This fish really ran out a lot of line!

Eric also with a 29"+ fish