Owasco Lake 7/18


Guided Mark, whom I hadn’t seen in a good five or six years.  His son went to Cornell and took one of my classes back when I was teaching “Introduction to Angling” and “Introduction to Fly-fishing” over there.  Mark resides in Michigan but was in town for a few days doing some birding amongst other things.  We had a very solid day on Owasco Lake starting at 6 am.  It was a better “fishing” day than “catching” but he still had some good, steady action.  High point of the morning was when a suspended 21″ smallmouth bass grabbed his laker jig. That fish was a personal best for him. Plenty of smallmouths are now out over open water here.  He caught some nice lakers in the morning running 24″ to 26″ and then finished up with a 27″er and a 28″er to end the day.  The 28″ fish went 8.6lbs.  We kept it, since it got a bit messed up during the fight and in the net.  I’ll be smoking it once I get a few more and some time.

Cayuga Lake reportedly cleared up slightly yesterday.  No word on the lake’s overall condition pertaining to the bloom.  The next two weeks’ forecasts are calling for some cooler nights.  That should help dissipate the algae bloom.  We’ll see.  The heavy rains aren’t helping.

21" smallmouth bass over deep water!

Laker on!

28" Lake trout heading for my smoker