Owasco Lake 7/29


Guided Jamie for a full day starting just after 6:30 am.  On my drive up, I had a text from client/friend Greg who had just launched on the lake – “the water is murky/dingy.”   We got out on the lake to find about 1+1/2 to 2 feet of visibility!  Ouch!  I was hoping to get Jamie into a brown and/or rainbow today, so we didn’t focus much on lake trout.  We did not have much action at all.  We worked around the entire lake and all the water was the same color.  Fish were not moving for jigs.  We also tried hardware (e.g., spoons/bladebaits) without any luck.  Jamie hooked and lost one fish in the AM that was probably a laker.  For the last two hours of the trip, we focused on lakers and he hooked three fish that all wound up getting off.  Usually Jamie lands the vast majority of the hookups he gets, but today it wasn’t the case.  On his last drop of the day he had a great hookup that he got right up near the boat, but the water was so discolored, we never saw it!  It got off literally a few feet below the surface.  Fish were clearly hitting somewhat short.  The water here looks like Cayuga Lake did around July 8th – dark.  It looks a lot like the glacial run-off you might encounter in Alaska, combined with a Bahamas-like color.  There’s no sign of green flecks/particulates, but I’d imagine they’ll show up soon.  No fish landed today.