Owasco Lake 7/30 AM


Guided Chris here for a half-day getting underway just after 6 am.  Days are clearly getting noticeably shorter now as we head into August.  The dry yet humid cooler air is upon us – if that makes sense.  Days start out cool and dry, but the mild humidity rolls in around 9 or 10 am.  It’s generally very comfortable out on the lakes and boat traffic tends to diminish substantially in August as college students get ready to head out.

I had a handful of reports from friends fishing Cayuga Lake this past weekend.  Action was on the slow side for most people I talked to.  Oftentimes in August and September the better bites happen later in the morning.  I’m not sure how many of my friends stuck out the fishing, but again, morning action was slow for most people.  I had one friend who had some good early AM action on Cayuga.  By all accounts, the water is showing over 4 feet of visibility pretty much lake-wide.  With the cool nights upon us now along with days topping out in the 70s and low 80s, the bloom should be behind us for 2023.

Owasco fished fair to good for us this morning.  Chris had a couple hits first thing in the morning not long after we started.  He nabbed a 23″ fish in fairly short order.  He landed four other fish during our trip for a total of 5 lakers up to 27.5″.  He had what appeared to be a rainbow trout hit his jig up high.  We never found any trout concentrations today.  It was one here and one there.  Plenty of colors generated hits for him today – white/chartreuse tail, chartreuse silk, dark blue/chartreuse tail and alewife all had their moments.  Surface temps cooled down a little bit.  We are in the “In-Fisherman Post-Summer Peak” calendar period.

Chris's first one of the day

Fish Number 2

Fish number 3

Fish Number 5, which we released - a 27.5"er

August 20th remains open!  That’s it for now for August.  I may open up some PM 1/2 days depending on how things shape up on Cayuga Lake.   I still have good availability in September and plenty of open dates onward in October and November.