Owasco Lake 7/31 AM


Despite our nice and early 6:15 am start today, we still had a tough day on Owasco Lake.  I guided Tony and Pete, who’ve both been regulars together over the past 6 or 7 years.  Tony’s been coming out with me since at least 2009.  He is the guy that has that great Ranger Boat for sale that’s listed in my “Articles” page.  It’s still available!

Conditions seemed pretty good today with wind, cloud cover and water temperatures. We were around fish today, although mostly just a few.  I never marked, nor did we encounter any concentrations of trout.  In terms of the “bite,” they were neutral to negative.  We had quite a few short hits and dropped fish as well.  Pete wound up landing two nice fish running 27″ and 28″ but that was it.  He lost three or four hookups. We had the usual hits from rainbows as well, but no hookups.  I did a lot of “running and gunning” today, so we covered ample amounts of water.

Apart from a couple scheduled Seneca Lake trips, I’m mostly back on Cayuga Lake this August, where clarity is back to form and lake trout jigging has been fair to downright excellent over the past few days.  I’m looking forward to the shorter drives and not having to get up so early!  I always seem to manage a few Owasco Lake trips in the late-summer and fall, so I’m sure I’ll be out there.  Owasco generally fishes very well from August through early November.