Owasco Lake 8/13


Guided Greg today for a full day starting at 6:30 am.  We were looking for brown trout.  He wound up hooking and losing one nice brown after a good fight.  He likely had a couple other hits from them.  It was an interesting day with Greg nabbing a 32″ pike and an 18″ smallmouth both in deep water.  I’m often asked what “other” species we encounter when jigging.  Greg may have even lost a walleye as well.  It was either that or another bass or brown.  A few lakers were also landed and we spent the last hour of the trip targeting them.

A slight algae bloom has started on the north end of the lake and in the outlet.  The algae was likely concentrated up there due to the south winds.  Most of the lake is in excellent shape.

Nice summertime 32" Northern Pike

Solid offshore smallmouth bass

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