Owasco Lake 8/2


Guided a double starting at around 6:45 am.  My first trip was with Mike and Esther.  It didn’t take long to land the first laker but action was tentative after that.  We had a lot of fish on the screen (fish finder) but they weren’t quite turned on.  As the morning went on another 3 fish were landed and one dropped.  Mike had a follow from what appeared to be a good brown.  60′ to 90′ FOW.  Water clarity is still excellent here.  Boat traffic/angling pressure low.

Mike with a 28"+ beauty

My PM trip was with Eric, his wife Tiffany and his father Bob.  Fishing was good to start after I checked a couple areas.  The bite then slowed down a bit to a “slow steady.”  Fish were tentative again this afternoon, just like they were in the AM.  The guys did well with 7 nice fish landed and one lost.