Owasco Lake out of Emerson Park 9/19 PM


Got out on my own for around 4 hours this afternoon.  I recently ordered a variety of underspins from Tackle Warehouse and decided it might be fun to field test them today.  I had six different varieties and put them through a bunch of “tests”.   I wanted to see how they track at various speeds, how they match up with various swimbaits, how good the swimbaits stay on and how they drop.  Also how well they spin.  Anyways I tried to catch fish as well but didn’t have a lot of luck on the smallmouths.  I had a few good hits and misses from what were probably a few bass and one pike.  I spent some time scouting too and couldn’t resist dropping a few heavy jigs in a couple areas.  I picked up one laker around 22″.  Also had a couple panfish.  Not great conditions for Owasco bass fishing but I did what I set out to do and have a good idea regarding which underspins I’ll be ordering more of and which ones match best with various baits.

Since I don’t post overall fishing conditions on my homepage anymore I’ll post these general observations around once a week.  Of course I can’t be everywhere at once, so these reports are based on what I see with water temps, weed growth, my own fishing observations/history and reports I get from friends/clients.

Cayuga Lake:  Lake trout fishing remains good to very good.  Bonus browns, rainbows and salmon are around. The pickerel bite is very good to excellent up north.  Expect good bass fishing.  Propagation netting is scheduled to start the week of October 1st this year.

Seneca Lake:  Conditions look promising for northern pike though it’s a bit early in the year for prime fishing.  Lake trout jigging is fair.  Expect fair fishing for bass and perch.

Owasco Lake:  Fishing is good for lake trout.  Fishing is fair for northern pike and fair for smallmouth bass. Expect fair to good perch action.  There is an algae bloom going on here – especially in the midlake areas.

Keuka Lake:  Expect good to very good bass fishing.  Lake trout jigging should be good as well.

Skaneateles Lake:  Expect good to excellent smallmouth bass fishing along with plenty of rock bass and occasional bonus perch.  Lake trout jigging/fishing should be fair to good.