Reports 6/24 – 6/29


Fishing for lake trout has been very solid on Cayuga Lake.  Fish are well distributed throughout the lake.  As of today, there have been no signs of any algae blooms thus far, although that could change if we get much rain (which we need) associated with some of the thunderstorms that are forecast to occur over the next two days.

6/24 PM:  Guided Zach out of Long Point State Park for around 3 hours.  He was on a short vacation with his wife Angela and they wanted to get out for a little bit of fishing.  Angela didn’t fish at all.  Winds were up pretty hard and our first area produced one nice laker.  He wound up catching two more in another area.  Top fish was a 31″ wild lake trout.

6/25 AM:  Had a late booking with Dan, who fished with his friend Billy.   We experienced some of the hottest fishing we’d had in a long time.  The guys managed to land 25 solid lake trout up to 31″ long in 4 hours!  Fish were in pretty shallow water – 45′ or so out to maybe 65′.

Billy with a solid

Hooked up!

Dan with a good fish

6/26 AM:  Guided Derrick and his son Aaron starting at 7 am.  Fishing was a little slow to start then picked up, slowed down and picked up again just before we headed in.  The guys were out with me back on April 18th for some of the great deep bite.  We had a great morning today with the guys landing a dozen solid fish.   Aaron is young and held his first fish today.  He did a darn good job of it!

Aaron holding a fish for the first time

6/26 PM:  My afternoon trip was with Ryan and his young son Colin.  They do a lot of fishing up in Canada around the Ottawa River region and elsewhere.  I’ve been intrigued with that area for awhile and it was great hearing stories of some huge gar, muskies, walleye and bass.  He has jigged lakers before with varying degrees of success and was looking to see what additional info he could pick up.  I think I helped him with some locational tips and a few little tricks to help with his hookup ratio.  We had a fun day and his son Colin is a young fishing machine!  The guys wound up with around 11 fish landed – a very solid afternoon trip!

Ryan with a solid fish

6/27:  Guided a full day trip with Kyle and his dad Roger.  Roger had a ton of great stories that kept me in awe and stitches throughout most of the day.  Fishing was excellent with 21 lakers landed.  We had a follow from a nice brown too in one area.  Steady strong south winds have really been shifting temperature plateaus around.  Roger used to do a lot of fishing in Lake Michigan.  He brought some of his own gear to fish with and it worked well for him.

Roger Fish

Kyle hooked up

Kyle holding a good one

6/29 AM:  Today was a half day with Robert, his son Tom and his in-law Dan.  We knew it was going to be HOT out, so we tried our best to start early and get off the lake before the heat and humidity got too crazy.  We had another very solid day today with 16 solid lakers landed if I remember right.  We had one nice rainbow around 20″ to 24″ follow up a jig.  Fish came from around 70′ to 85′ or so.  The thermocline is fairly well established now.

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