Seneca Lake 5/7 PM


Got over to Seneca Lake this afternoon to check on lake trout, pike and overall conditions on the lake.  I probably should have just gone up to Lake Ontario to fish today, but thought Seneca would be a decent call with the light north west winds forecasted.  There was a lot of life at the Sampson Marina with loads of bluegills being drawn into the warm marina water along with rudd and alewives.  I even saw a small rainbow trout and I’m sure some bass were around.

The high midday sun and cloudless skies made for a tough lake trout bite despite a lot of them being around.  The midges were ridiculously thick!  With zero wind they were swarming my boat by the hundreds if not thousands.  Once the sun got lower I nabbed a couple lakers including a 28″ wild beauty.  I lost and missed quite a few fish as well.  They weren’t chasing much and were fairly tentative for most of the day.  Lots of alewives are around – both deep and shallow and lake trout are widespread.  My guess is that some salmon were around too.