Seneca Lake out of Sampson State Park 10/20 PM


I decided to head back over to Seneca Lake today.  I generally divide the lake into three parts: the northern end from Geneva down to Sampson, the central portion from Sampson down past Lodi (to maybe Valois on the east shore and Glenora or Starky on the west shore), and finally the southern portion from Watkins Glen to Peach Orchard/Valois.   Fishing can be radically different from section to section and each area has its time to shine.

Seneca is big water.  Everything is bigger here – the waves, the potential for great days and also the potential for tough days.  Changing “spots” can mean an 8 to 10 mile run whereas on Owasco Lake it’s usually a mile or maybe two.

Yesterday’s fishing didn’t give me much to go on.  Conditions were good for pike but not great.  Today I had some very good conditions and very good pike action.  In four hours of fishing I landed 5 nice fish including two over 30″.  I lost two or three and missed another 4 or 5 hits.  Fish looked a lot better and were clean.  They were fighting great – especially the small ones I caught.  It was good to see decent numbers of 22″ to 23″ fish.  That bodes well for the future pike fishing here.   I had one fish that showed some signs of lamprey attacks.  That may have been part of what I saw on yesterday’s fish.   Nobody else was out that I could see today.  Spoons and stickbaits chalked up the hits.  Water temp was around 57/58.  Weeds still abound in the mid-lake areas.

Well, due to Emperor Cuomo’s latest travel restrictions – just enacted today, my weekend trips had to cancel.  So I now have this Saturday and Sunday open for trips.   Lake trout action is still good on Cayuga and Owasco Lakes.  Pickerel should be smoking up north on Cayuga.  Mixed bag fishing is good on Skaneateles and will only get better.  Same goes with Owasco Lake.