Seneca Lake out of Sampson State Park 7/10


Today’s client Jamie and his son Brody are regulars of mine.  They’ve jigged Cayuga Lake both with me and on their own with their friends plenty of times.  They’ve fished Owasco Lake, Canandaigua Lake and Lake George as well, for lakers on the jig.  Today we made it out to Seneca Lake for their maiden voyage and it didn’t disappoint.  I’ve often said on this website that I’m happiest when both Seneca and Cayuga Lakes are fishing well.  Seneca is rebounding strongly after nearly a decade of a downward spiral due mostly to lamprey infestation.  Water clarity is good to excellent here, but for a few small, localized algae blooms – typical stuff that you’ll see around marinas and marshes.  We had a great, steady solid double-digit day today.  We marked a lot of fish and only caught a small percentage of what we were over.  Had the bite really been on, it would have been a trip for the ages.   Fish here look great – well-fed and clean.  We only had one laker with an old lamprey scar.  Nearly half of our fish were wild.  Best depths were 80′ to 100′.  We saw maybe two other boats in a 12-mile stretch fishing.  Can’t beat that!

Hooked on Seneca Lake trout fishing!

First one of the day, I believe

Jamie and Brody on!

"Big-Fish Brody" with a 30"er

Jamie with a 29"er

Seneca Lake can fish an awful lot like Cayuga Lake, but with many more wild fish.  Of course, it’s also a lot WILDER lake and it can get rough in a hurry.  It doesn’t take much wind to produce towering waves here.  Pick your days and you should have fun here.

I have two open dates left in July – the 23rd and the 30th.  July is often the best month for lake trout on Seneca Lake.  I’m scheduled to be on Cayuga Lake shortly.  My clients have been warned, but overall conditions this week look pretty good for a decent bite, despite the algae.  For those interested, we did NOT get much rain here today.  Syracuse and Oswego looked like they got smacked, as did the Hudson Valley area (over the weekend.)  We were spared for the most part here, except for Canandaigua, which also got deluged with rain.