Seneca Lake out of Watkins Glen 11/4 AM


Guided Geoff and his dad Don for a 1/2-day trip getting underway around 8:30 am.  Don lives in Watkins Glen, so they were hoping to get a handle on fishing the lake down there.   Pike were the target for the morning.  We had mediocre to poor conditions for pike fishing on the day, with light to non-existent winds and at times a high sun.  I thought we had a decent shot first thing in the morning, but we weren’t able to raise any fish.  I wound up switching the guys to lake trout and Don had one hit, that was it.  We had a reasonable amount of fish on the screen, but the lower/mid-lake is not nearly as productive as Sampson – Geneva these days.

Conditions really kept changing around every 5 minutes with the sun disappearing then poking back out again and then the wind coming up and then diminishing again.  We went back to pike for a bit and Geoff had a good fish follow in his lure but not hit.

I did manage to go over a lot of places and some techniques with the guys that should help their future fishing.  Overall, it was a tough day but there wasn’t much we could do about it.  Sometimes the weather forecasts are just dead wrong.  Water temps were around 53 degrees on top, although the strong southerlies we had yesterday moved cold water up to the surface at the south end, where we had 46 degrees.  We did see a couple of loons on the lake in fall plumage, which was cool.  A few anglers were out in boats fishing.