Seneca Lake out of Watkins Glen 12/16 PM


Got out on my own for around 3.5 hours today.  It didn’t look like a great day for salmon or pike fishing weather-wise but did look like a great day to get out and just enjoy the lake, so that’s what I did.  The lake was pretty flat all afternoon long.  I had a good time today just fly-casting away trying for salmon.  I had a couple hits from what were surely dinks and that was it.  When I started fishing today, I did see a nice sized salmon with a large lamprey attached.  I don’t think that salmon was going to survive much longer.  I saw one fish surface in one area probably grabbing an insect up top but apart from that, I didn’t see much.  A friend was out casting spoons and he had a couple hits and lost one around 16″ near his boat.  Overall, it was slow fishing.

I had a window that looked good for pike fishing – the wind picked up and skies clouded up, so I ran over to a favorite lower lake pike area.  I worked one area for a little while and eventually cast my spoon out around some good weeds and before it hit the bottom, it got railed.  I had the fish on long enough to know it was a good pike (over 30″,) before the lure came out.  Shortly afterwards I got hit again, and this fish I landed – it was a 31″ northern.  The fish was in good condition weight-wise but did have some scars from past lamprey attacks.  Lampreys are fairly under control in this lake – certainly when compared to a few years ago, but they are still a factor.

Water level is good.  Water temps are 44 – 45 degrees.  Looks like we are going to be getting hammered by some rain over the next two days.