Seneca Lake out of Watkins Glen 2/9


Guided Mark I. out here for a full day of fly-fishing starting at 8:30 am.  Fishing was very tough today.  We had what I consider to be very good conditions for catching salmon on the fly – a bright, sunny day, good water temperatures and a nice, fairly steady wind.  Mark always brings his “A-Game” when he’s out with me, and today was no exception.  His casting was excellent.  He landed one salmon around 12″ long and that was it.  That fish came from close to 40′ of water, near the surface.  He had one other hit in shallower and we saw only one salmon swimming by today.

The water temperature was 41 degrees today and water level was good – basically at a full-pool level. We tried a couple springtime salmon fishing areas as well without any action.  A few other boats were out, primarily targeting perch.

I will get out here again at some point to salmon fish.  In December, we encountered one good group of mostly small fish, although a few nicer ones were mixed in.  Seneca Lake is a huge lake and there are plenty of places where salmon can be.  Unfortunately, they didn’t seem to be where we tried today.