Skaneateles Lake 4/21 PM


Guided Craig and Dave for a 1/2 day of fishing starting at around 12:45 pm.  If you follow this site, you’ll know that Dave caught that 30.5″ monster wild brown trout here last year.  We had a fairly calm lake up until around 12:30 pm, when we finally got our much needed wind.  We worked four areas on the day and the guys had solid fishing in three of them.  Quite a few smallmouths had moved up shallow since I was last here and the guys caught plenty of them.  We had some good perch, but not as many as I would’ve expected.  The full-moon may have played into the slower perch bite, I’m not sure.  Dave had hold of a good rainbow trout around 22″ or 23″ that he lost just before I could net it.  The blame for that goes on me.  His hair-jig hook straightened out!  I use quality hooks when I tie my jigs, but sometimes they get bent and I bend them back in shape.  Doing that once or twice doesn’t hurt anything (usually) but if they’ve been bent enough times, they’ll get weak.  I have no idea how many times I may have bent that hook.  From now on, I’ll pay more attention!  I’m still learning…

Craig caught a really nice 25″ lake trout which fought really well.  He also caught a 20.5″ beast of a smallmouth that also fought really well.  Overall a good day but we still aren’t seeing many rainbow trout or salmon in this lake.  I’m glad we at least had one rainbow trout today.

Craig hooked up with a nice Skaneateles lake trout

Nice 25" lake trout

Craig's 20.5" smallmouth!