Skaneateles Lake 7/24


Guided Scott, who has a place on the lake for a full day starting at around 8:30 am. Bass fishing was very solid today with some top-notch action on topwater and subsurface baits.  Scott nabbed around 15 smallies mostly near the surface with another dozen to two dozen getting off.  Fish were the typical average Skaneateles smallmouths running from 11″ to 15″.  No big fish were raised today and we did some dropshotting going out to over 40′ of water, so we probably just weren’t in the right areas or the bigger fish were a bit “off” today. Scott dropped what was probably a laker in around 40′ FOW today.  Plenty of rockbass were around in the 20′ to 27′ range.  We tried some pickerel casting on the south end with only a couple perch to show.  The lake is absolutely crystal clear and gorgeous with perfect swimming temperatures – around 75 on top.