Skaneateles Lake 8/10 AM + Cayuga Lake 8/11 AM


8/10:  Guided Charles for a 1/2 day getting underway around 8:30 am.  We were met by a strong south wind gusting around 15 mph or better.  We gave lake trout jigging a try for around an hour or so.   Charles had one hit.  A lot of fish were around but they weren’t moving a whole lot for our presentations – and I had Charles drop the “kitchen sink” on them!   Some of the fish may have been walleyes.   After a while we switched to smallmouth bass and wound up having some excellent action on 10″ to 16″ fish.   Not a ton of fish were landed – around 8 or 9, but we had fish coming up for our soft jerkbait on virtually every other cast.  The weather was hot and muggy.  Dropshotting also produced some action.

8/11:  Cayuga Lake out of Myers Park:  Guided Mike and Bill, who joined me earlier in the year on June 6th.  This time they were accompanied by Monty, who was out with me for his first time.  We had very good laker action in the morning.  It tapered off to a slow steady pace.  Monty nabbed the fish of the day – a 32″er that I wish I took a photo of.  Action was steady all the way around.  We started out with four fish running 27″, 28″, 29″ and 30″.  After the big one, the rest ranged from 23″ to 26″ for the most part.   13 nice fish landed and one popped off by the boat.

Availability is listed on my report going from 8/6 to 8/9 and it is up to date.