Skaneateles Lake 8/22


Skaneateles Lake 8/22:  Guided Leo and Ada for a full day. Over the past half dozen years or more we’ve been doing a Cayuga trip then a Skinny trip in late August.  Both seem to go very well – it’s a great time of the year to fish both lakes.  Fishing didn’t disappoint today.  Leo and Ada were running late, so I got a 1/2 hour to fish on my own before I picked them up at Mandana.  I managed to catch three or four nice smallmouths.  The trip went well – it was a “catch ’em and eat ’em” mission and they caught well over 100 rock bass.  We kept injured ones (i.e. those caught deep or ones that swallowed the hook) and fish over 9″.  We probably wound up with over 40.  Around 20 smallmouths were landed including three that ran 17.5″ each. A few perch were also landed.  Fish came dropshotting.  Nearly all came from 18′ to maybe 45′ of water, with most in the 20′ to 30′ range.  Light boat traffic was nice today.  There were no algae blooms out here this year.  Water temp was around 74 on top.

I must say I do have a great clientele!   I posted an opening that I had for Saturday (I was expecting a deposit for a trip that fell through on the customer’s end without being notified about it) at around 4:30 am this morning.  I found out that the trip wasn’t going to happen late last night.  By the time I arrived at the ramp at 8 am the day was booked.  Gotta love it!